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It takes more than great food. At Rogues, you can expect traditional fine dining with a twist. While we have made great efforts to create an environment that’s elegant, we have also taken care not to make it too pretentious or stuffy. We want you to feel at home here. Due to our large open kitchen, it’s not uncommon for guests to come up and talk to the chef or stop and watch the action unfold. Inspired by the delicious cuisine of northern Italy and the Mediterranean, we strive to offer the freshest and best food possible. We are still going strong after 25 years for a reason. We never let our menu get tired.

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  1. Its a 5 Star Review!

    Hi, I saw the video of Rogues Restaurant and immediately wanted to go there for dinner. A few days later I went there with 4 friends for dinner. It was a Wednesday night and they were very busy. After the dinner was over I realized why.

    First of all the food was extra-ordinary. They make a meal into a special occasion. Partly because the serving staff are true professionals not young high school students trying to make some extra money. That makes a big difference to me.

    Other info, they have their own parking lot, the decor is rich and beautiful, all in all its a great place. I don’t usually give 5 star reviews, because I want the restaurant to always strive to do better, but in this case its 5 Star.

  2. They are Wonderful

    Hello Tony, ok I told you I would put a review in, Rouges is the Best! They treat everyone so nice at the restaurant. The menu is constantly changing so even regulars like us can get something different.

    I love the lamb chops and sauce, my favourite dish. There is a plethora of wine to choice from and desserts, omg. They are wonderful, try Rogues.

  3. Loved it here!

    What a great place. I want to live here, but I can’t afford it. The food is more than good, its masterpiece food. Everything is top notch here. Loved it.

  4. One of the Best

    There are a few restaurants that separate themselves from the pack and I think that Rogues has done that.

    They have continually worked on improving all aspects of the restaurant, the service is professional and friendly and the smooth operation of the restaurant itself. As for the food Chef Bevan is constantly working the menu to offer seasonal dishes that please.

    This is a 5 Star restaurant – so don’t miss the oppourtunity to visit soon.

  5. I will be Back!

    My brother recommended this restaurant. I was very impressed with the staff when we first arrived, very nice people and totally professional. The restaurant is immaculate, I loved it. But the best part was the food, for sure. I will be back.

  6. This is the One

    І think this іѕ one of the best restaurants in Mississauga. Very professional and organized, but regardless of that the food is fantastic. This is a special place for special dinners out. I recommend.

  7. Wonderful

    Hi, thanks to all the staff for the wonderful evening at Rogues. We love your food and will always return.

  8. Rogues Stands Out

    I have checked most of the nice restaurants in Mississauga and Rogues stands out for food and service. Try them for yourself.

  9. Very Nice Restaurant

    Howdy vеry nice restaurant!! Excellent .. Superb ..
    I will bookmark your place and let my friend know about it too.

  10. Well Worth It

    Hello there, this is a wonderful restaurant and I would recommend it to my friends and family. Very interesting menu with seasonal menu items and some unusual choices. Well worth the price.

  11. A Delight

    My first time to Rogues and it was an unexpected delight. The restaurant is very well appointed and comfy. The food was spectacular. Everyone in our party of 7 women loved their selection. Well done to the staff as well.

  12. Anniversary

    Last night, on our 55th wedding anniversary, we ate at Rogues. It was my wife’s first visit and she loved everything; the table setting, bread & butter, food, wine and the wait staff. She can’t stop taking about the lobster spaghetti and wonders why we can’t make coffee like we had for dinner.
    Thanks for a wonderful evening…we’ll certainly be back!

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