Palmyra Mediterranean House

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Authentic Mediterranean Dishes

Palmyra Mediterranean House offers you authentic Mediterranean dishes like chicken shawarma, tabouleh salad, and beef burger sandwiches.



4 reviews

  1. Good fresh food

    If you like well cooked simple dishes like Chicken or Beef Shish Kebob or Hamburger and fries you will like Palmyra. Just great food at great prices.

  2. Better and Best

    Palmyra is a nice restaurant with above average tasty big meals. The dishes are heaping with delicious food at great prices, better than most other fast food restaurants.

  3. Oh Ya!

    Love this place. Last time I had the Chicken Shawarma combo. Sooo good, I was stuffed for the rest of the day. Super friendly staff to make sure you enjoy your stay. Will be back!

  4. Savour the Food

    I sаvour the food at Palmyra, becauѕe Ι discovered exactly what
    I was looking for. Good food, big portions at good prices. Have a nice dаy.

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