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Avenue catering is a boutique Toronto caterer offering what we call “Perfect” solutions to your culinary catering and event planning needs. We have been catering in the GTA for over a decade. Avenue Catering is known for innovative presentation, impeccable service and delicious food. No event is too small or too big.

Internal Chefs

We are proud to have a stable of International Chefs from around the world that will provide you with fabulous dishes from all over the world including Russia, Barbados, Israel, Portugal and Italy and France.

Authentic Dishes

Here are some of the authentic dishes made by our chefs just like you’d get if you were back home yourself, Caldo Verde, Kosher Stuffed Chicken, Rack of Lamb, Khachapuri and Jerk Chicken with rice. Please go to their website to check out more dishes.

Kosher Kitchen

If we need to we have a Kosher Kitchen that we partner with to prepare your Kosher meals. Chef Norman and Chef Hani will prepare your Kosher food to the highest standards and with delicious results.


Everyone talks about how many years they have been in business, oh really. But lets face it, the only thing that matters in the end is the food and the service. These are the results that matter. And we prove ourselves every time we cater an event.  Yes we have experience, catering weddings and events in the GTA for over a decade. We know we must provide 5 Star Service at every wedding and event that we cater. Yes you can count on our experience, our expertise and on having a perfect catering experience.

We’re Connected

If you need or want our help we’re there for you.  Our Event Coordinator who will work with you to arrange all the details of your event or wedding. Experience and friendly support to help make your special day go smoothly. We can also arrange for photographers, DJ’s, decor specialists, florists and any other special needs for your event.

5 reviews

  1. I Loved your red bowtie servers.

    Hi Norm, thanks so much for catering our office lunch, we wanted something special and high end for the staff because we had reached a milestone for the company. The food was beautifully presented and tasted like a million dollars, your “red bowtie servers” were professional and never stopped serving great food. I loved their entrance.

    I recommend Avenue Catering for any business dinner or function.

    David M

  2. Great Wedding Catering - Thanks

    Dear Avenue Catering, thanks for catering our wedding in our home and backyard. I know it was a little tight in our kitchen which might of made it harder for your chef but it did not affect the food.

    Our food was so good and the servers did a good job keeping my guest happy. My wife Isabelle was very pleased as well and sends her best.

    We feel very comfortable recommending your services, thanks again.

  3. Well done Avenue Catering

    We had an industry reception for all our suppliers and our own sale staff – around 50 people. We asked for good looking and good tasty food. You met my expectations and than some. Well done Avenue Catering.

  4. Thank You Avenue Catering

    Dear Norm, thanks so much for providing sandwiches and wraps, salads and desserts to our sales team. The food was delicious, everyone was satisfied with the variety. Tea, coffee, juices, it was all there for us. I know this is a small catering for you but it made me look good at my work.

    I’ll use your services again for other events, thanks.

  5. The Chef's an Artist

    Hello Avenue Catering, thanks for the care and attention to detail in making sure our dinner catering went off smoothly. The food was all good but the presentation was spectacular. Your chef is an artist and made everything look as good as it tasted. Thanks.

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