Amaya Express – Sherway Gardens

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Amaya Indian Cuisine

Amaya is heaven-sent. The combination of silken service and excellent ingredients freshly cooked, with sensitive spicing, is seductive in the way that only
the food of the subcontinent can be – rich, assertive, complex, exotic.

Extraordinary Indian Food

Ordinary Indian restaurants throw some red-marinated chicken in the oven and call it tandoori. Amaya does tandoori duck breast, ruby slices in orange-inflected sauce with shredded apple. Move over, duck à l’orange. Lamb shank xacutti is uber-tender lamb in a complex sauce with cardamom, coriander seed, coconut, cloves and a hint of sweetness. Coconut lobster curry is what happened when the maharani met Marie Antoinette: a sauce so creamy it meets and matches the soft flesh of barely cooked lobster, but unlike a French cream sauce, this one is jazzed with ginger, garlic and cardamom pods.

Sherway Gardens

Find us at Sherway Gardens in the food court and find the same great taste that you find at all Amaya Restaurants.

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4 reviews

  1. Hey guys I work at Sherway and eat there often, lunches only. Amaya is my first choice for lunch. The food manages to maintain the high standards you would expect from an Amaya Restaurant. Even with the fast service that they provide.

    Good prices and excellent food.

  2. Really Tasty Indian Food

    I was pleasantly surprised with the food quality at Amaya’s, I knew they had a good name and reputation but this location is in the food court of Sherway Gardens. Anyways the food is really well done, and delicious. Expect more from your food, try this location at Sherway Gardens.

    I know food well and i rate this food 4 out of 5 stars.

  3. Highly Recommended

    Whoa that was a surprise. I tried the Amaya Express because I like the Amaya restaurants and hey the food was up to the same standards. I was very pleased and enjoyed a great lunch at the food court. Highly recommended.

  4. Well Done

    I could not resist commenting and saying how good the food is here. Well done!

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